Marley, Kiwi, and Mango – Found on the Streets

6/5/20 – A little while ago I believe I showed you Marley, Kiwi, and Mango. They were vaccinated but Mango just the other day started vomiting almost without stopping and had severe diarrhea. He was taken to the vet and it was determined that he had coccidia. So, of course, he was treated. But then, because his little buddies have been playing with him, the other two are going in for treatment. If you can’t tell by our posts, we are definitely being overwhelmed with kittens. These cuties are 7 weeks old and we will also be paying for them to be spayed/neutered. If you are interested in adopting, contact Beckie at: [email protected] – diana 6:5:20 kiwi 6:5:20 mango 6:5:20

Zena – Found with Bullets in Her Spine

6/3/20 – Meet ‘super sweet’, 2 year old Zena. A couple of days ago we were asked if we could help with a partially paralyzed cat. She had no feeling in her tail and her back toes. People in the neighborhood were familiar with her and said she had been dragging her back feet for at least a year but no one stepped up to help. Her poor little paws were raw from dragging them for so long. Thankfully, Keri found her and reached out to us. She was taken to a vet yesterday where x-rays were done and it turns out that this poor baby has a bullet in her spine. It is lodged where the nerves are for her colon and bladder areas as well as her toes. The doctor said that she is not in pain and the staff fell in love with her. Zena was snap tested (negative), vaccinated, was given a cortisone injection, and treated for fleas and ticks. The doctor also said that she may regain feeling but also suggested that a neurological surgeon be consulted to determine if the bullet can be removed. In the mean time, Zena is getting lots of love, attention, and rest with Keri’s mom and she will again be seen by the vet in a few weeks. We will continue to follow up on this sweetie and at least pay for the specialist visit. We will then take it from there. These situations continue to break my heart knowing there are so many more animals out there being abused and tortured. Thank you to everyone who supports our mission and who never turn their backs on an animal in need. – diana
zena-6:3:20 zena 6:3:20 101262194_3265065373525738_8991913564918775808_o 101699471_3265064830192459_866738547955073024_o

Petunia and Bear – Found on the Streets

6/1/20 – Welcome to June and the unending number of kittens born during the shutdown of veterinary hospitals for general care. These little beauties are two of 13 taken in recently by our friend Patricia B. Petunia is very little for her age and has not been acting like the typical playful kitten. Her rescuer is a little worried and asked if we would cover an exam to make sure it is not a physical issue. Bear, on the other hand, is doing well and he will just be vetted when Petunia is taken in to one of our favorite vets. Of course, we will be taking care of Petunia’s vetting which always include spay/neuter, vaccines, and testing. Anyone interested in these kittens (although not ready just yet) should contact Patricia at: [email protected] – Diana

petunia 6:1:20 bear 6:1:20

Toby – Severely Injured – RIP

5/29/20 – RIP Toby. This little 10-12 week old kitty was trapped under the car hood and rescued. He was very scared — you can imagine — and taken yesterday to an independent rescuer who we like to help. She thought he may have had pneumonia because he was having problems breathing. So, it was planned to get him into the vet today. But this morning he started having seizures and couldn’t stand. He was taken to the vet who did blood work and found his white blood cell count was very dangerous and his actions seemed to indicate a neurological issue. The doctor thought he might have ingested some type of poison. He was put on fluids and continued to be treated in the hospital but just a few minutes ago we were informed that Toby passed away. I know there is so much to pray about these days, but please continue to pray for these poor animals. Unfortunately, there are so very many on the streets needing us and so many pregnant cats who couldn’t be fixed over the past 10 weeks. Please keep Tracy in your prayers as she has had many sleepless nights with a number of kittens who she has rescued in the past few weeks. Last week, she was in the vet parking lot for almost 6 hours while she waited for another rescue cat, whom we were helping, to be seen. May God Bless the Rescuers, the Vet Staffs, and our many generous donors who make it possible for us to make a difference. – diana

Buddy – Found Wandering the Streets

5/28/20 – Buddy was wandering the streets without any identification. No one claimed him and now 4p1h will take care of his medical needs which will include neuter, vaccines, and testing. The rescuer says that this guy is very sweet and if anyone is interested in him, please contact me and I will put you in contact with the rescuer. – diana

buddy 5:26:20

Java Junk – A Great Supporter of 4 Paws 1 Heart

Java Junk, Clinton Twp,(Gratiot, just north of Metropolitan Parkway)100864540_386482202247289_1643141263521742848_n 101088608_386481958913980_7523268434562383872_n 101197068_386481938913982_4268384987490811904_n 100721513_386482242247285_916572812972392448_n is a great place to do some shopping. They have been strong supporters of 4 paws 1 heart since their beginning. And, after you have a coffee and do a little shopping, visit the Farmer’s Market just a couple doors down. They are also strong supporters of 4p1h. They have lots of annuals and vegetables and a great meat counter.

Mama Cat Found With Four, One-Week Old Kittens – Two are in Furever Homes

mama 5:27:20 with 4 1 week old kittens kitten 1 kitten 2 5:27:205/27/20 – This little family will be going in to get ‘the works’. The mama was found with her 1 week old kittens. They are now 5 weeks old and two are already spoken for. But, before everyone gets their furever homes, they will be spayed/neutered/vaccinated, and mama will be tested for FIV/FeLV — complements for 4p1h. Unfortunately, we all knew this would happen when our great veterinarians were unable to spay/neuter and were restricted to emergency care only. Thank you so very much for all of your support. – diana

Oreo, Willy, Smoke, and Tom – Found on the Streets and now in Furever Homes

5/26/20 – More cats (Oreo, Willy, Smoke, and Tom) we were able to get neutered/spayed, vaccinated and treated medically, this past winter before the pandemic closed all veterinary hospitals down. Fortunately, these little ones are all safe and in homes. So many kittens are being born now because of the shutdown and mamas and babies will soon be old enough to get neutered/spayed. But, unfortunately, because of the shut down, the hospitals are way behind in their work. Many thanks for all of your continued support. – diana

oreo 5:26:20 willy 5:26:20 Smoke 5:26:20 tom 5:26:20

Co-Founder, Gina DeLuca, Gets Married

5/25/20 – Please wish our co-founder, Gina DeLuca Jenio and her husband, Dave Jenio, many years of happiness. Their wedding celebration had to be postponed due to the virus but they still said their vows in a private ceremony. On their wedding day, many friends, family and neighbors got together to wish them the best during a huge drive by which actually made the local news. Here is Gina and Dave with Skippy, best dog man, and Angel, maid dog of honor. Skippy was rescued after being surrendered. Angel, was dying from Parvovirus when Gina took her in and saved her. Angel has been a blood donor and foster mom for many kittens and puppies. The Jenio’s are a beautiful family. May God Bless Them! – diana982139gin15_3029524900446477_3191884763694628864_n

Frankie, Grant, Duke and Mama Raven – Born in the Safety of our Board Member’s Home

5/23/20 – These little beauties will be available for adoption. – diana


The boys….Frankie, Duke & Grant. Born April 5th to Raven Beauty who is too looking for her forever home. Their medical will be sponsored by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Contact me for an application for all or any of these furry ones. Now go to each photo to read more about each one! Oh the personalities!!! 4 Paws 1 Heart
(kitties are located in St Clair Shores – email: [email protected]frankie 5:22:20 grant 5:22:20 duke 5:22:20 Raven 5:22:20