Gronk and Sunny – Adopted

8/16/20 – Happy, happy news for two abused babies! And, it couldn’t happen without the Village — the rescuer, the foster who provides love and care and searches for the furever home, our donors, the adopters, and our veterinary partners. Usually the term ‘perfect storm’ is negative but in this case, the “Purrfect Storm” is what it’s all about.-diana

“Hi Facebook….Gronk here…oh wait…correction…SUNNY here. I guess that just gave it away….I have been ADOPTED! Adopted into the purrfect family – 3 crazy young boys so I fit right into the craziness and the family adopted a pretty girl kitten just my size – we are going to be BFFs! So…I must turn over my Foster throne and it goes to Stefan James who also was rescued off the streets of St Clair Shores and is in the same foster home with Momma Dee and Daddy Rick.

He is the polar opposite of me…NOT CRAZY – he was feral now lays on laps instead of hiding in the corner, he traded his hisses for purrs,…a lot of purrs…like really loud purrs… he must be happy to be off the streets too. He had it tough…something tried to bite his head off- true story. The tip of his ear is ripped off and he has 4 scraps on his head that match up to a bite. But he is a tough dude THAT PURRS SO LOUDLY…he can keep a crazy dude up at night. So this Wednesday both Stefan and I go to the vet…me for my second shot and Stefan for his 1st medical visit….all compliments of
4 Paws 1 Heart…They rock don’t they? Well I got to go join my crazy boys! And remember….don’t turn your back on an animal in need…our lives matter too. – Dee”
4 Paws 1 Heartgronk 8:16:20

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