Snickers – Found in an Icy Puddle in the Alley

8-16-20 – On August 18, 2020 I will be announcing the beginning of our 10th Anniversary Celebratory Donation Match. In the mean time, here is another case that, at first, broke our hearts and then. It seems like only yesterday when I came home from a visit with my parents only to find a lot of activity on fb about a little kitten needing emergency medical assistance. A mom of a caring little boy, who had no transportation, worked her fingers to the bone to find some help for this near death baby. The Village came together and today, 7 years later, Snickers is loved and the family member of our Board member, Dee, and her kitty-loving husband, Rick. The many journeys of these animals are captured on our website just in case you’d like to learn more. – diana

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