Baby D – RIP – Found in a Cat Colony With Her Umbilical Cord Still Attached

9/28/20 – RIP Baby D. Our friend, Jo A., received a ‘911’ call at 5 p.m. last Saturday about a 1-3 day old kitten found in a cat colony who still had her umbilical cord attached and who had a leg chewed off. Jo was at work so she couldn’t respond but that is when the village stepped up. First, we contacted our good friend and 30+ year expert in cat care, Debbie N. We decided that the kitten should be taken to the emergency hospital if she could get in asap. We then contacted our friend Debra B. who agreed to transport, although the baby was a considerable distance from where we are all located. I contacted the emergency hospital who advised the wait time could be several hours. We were concerned because we didn’t know if the baby could last that long.
Upon reaching Baby D, Debra found the baby very cold and lethargic and her leg was indeed chewed off. She was also very dirty. I checked again with the vet and learned they still continued to be seriously backed up. We decided to take her first to Debbie N. who was able to clean her, feed her, get her warm and give her some love. Unfortunately, when it was time for sweet Baby D’s 11:30 pm feeding, Debbie found she had passed away. Debbie and the rest of us believe that the mom may have been confused and chewed off the baby’s leg instead of the umbilical cord. The leg obviously became very infected, and she was also in this condition during a very cold and dewy night. We are thankful that she was finally warm and loved when she passed and she is no longer in pain. We are also thankful to our Village of caring individuals who will drop everything for the love of an animal. – diana
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