Diva – Update

9/27/20 – Update from Foster Mom, Dee:

“Now it’s a sit and wait time…or in Diva’s case…nap and wait time. Yesterday Diva spent the day with Gina DeLuca Jenio at the vet where she works. A fecal sample is being sent out to run a panel on ….or as I call it the Poop Panel. Gina also found some Little roundworm friends in her poop….so that might be a small piece of the puzzle…deworming happened last week. A new probiotic is being given…Hopefully that will kick in because overnight her poop sucked. But what doesn’t suck…is Diva…being a trooper, playful and beyond spunky. Anytime she can escape her enclosure she bolts! Love her to pieces. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for being there to back her medical… and Cynthia Wojtowycz diva 9:27:20for all the reiki energy you are providing. It takes a team (and a lot of laundry- lol!)

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