Diva – Update

10/2/20 – diva 10:2:20Diva Update.. 🙁
The results of the fecal pathogen profile test came back today showing that she is positive for Corona virus. Please know that this has NOTHING to do with COVID19 in humans. This is a species specific virus and not transmitted to humans.
We are looking into treatment options and Diva could use positive vibes and lots of prayers. She is a fighter like I have never seen. She is playful, a good eater, and so very lovable… We are literally trying everything that the doctors are recommending. Unfortunately, she is not responding as much as we would like.. We need a miracle!!!! She probably has more than one thing going on.. The last 5 weeks has been extremely heavy on the heart for foster mommy Dee and foster daddy Rick. Today she was 1 pound 3 oz. She is about 11 weeks old. Diva has had good days and bad days and today was a bad one. 🙁 Please send positive vibes 🙏 ♡ Gina.
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