Max – His Mom Died and the Family Didn’t Want Him

10/22/20 – Meet Maxwell (aka Max). It was in December that Max’s mom asked her friend, Zelma, to care for her beloved, elderly pet while she went through chemo/radiation treatment for cancer. Unfortunately, Max’s mom passed away in January and Zelma’s calls to the family went unanswered. Max developed some sores but as a result of the virus, she couldn’t get help for Max and the family continued to ignore her calls. Max’s sores got worse to the point that not even a groomer would take him in because of the horrible smell of his wounds. During all of this, Zelma and her family were falling in love with this senior who had only one tooth left in his mouth. Finally, Zelma received a text from her deceased friend’s family — “we don’t want him; keep him”. It was Zelma’s social worker who suggested she contact us. Zelma didn’t have the heart to have this poor old guy abandoned again and she contacted us for any help/advice we could give. Under the circumstances, we had to help. So, Max will be going to one of our favorite vets and anything needed will be done so that he can spend his remaining years loved and safe. – diana
P.S. Don’t forget about the $1,000 Halloween Match which ends October 28. It’s because of our generous supporters that we are able to make a difference for the Maxes of the world.
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080max w:10:21:20 max 10:21:20 w:zelma clark max w:zelma clark 10:21:20
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