Pee Wee – Found With a Prolapsed Rectum Needing Emergency Surgery

10/21/20 – $1,000 Donation Match Starts Today!! As our many friends know, fundraising in 2020 has been a challenge and meeting the needs of the stray, abandoned, and abused have been even a bigger challenge. The number of animals, especially cats, being born on the streets and then getting injured and seriously ill has been overwhelming. But, thankfully, our friends have continued to help us meet the challenge.
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Last night I received an emergency call about Pee Wee. You might remember that he was found in late August and when the finder called our friend, it was thought that Pee Wee was already dead. Our friends, Jo and Debra, immediately jumped in the car and went to pick up Pee Wee. They were both confident that Pee Wee wouldn’t make it. His body was already cold. But with love and amazing vet care, Pee Wee has thrived. But, last night when Jo got home from work, she saw that Pee Wee was lethargic, vomiting, and in obvious distress. Jo also noticed that ‘something’ appeared to be protruding from his anus–later it was realized that it was a prolapsed rectum. Because Pee Wee had been to a vet the day before to get a vaccine, the vet agreed to see Pee Wee right away. Pee Wee was sedated while his rectum was pushed back in and a couple of stitches were used to keep the rectum in. Pee Wee was kept overnight and he will be ready to go home today.
In that most people will not be buying and distributing candy this Halloween, a former Board member thought it might be a good time to ask for donations that she can then match up to $1,000. Please consider doubling your donation today through October 28, 2020 and make a difference in the lives of those who need us. – diana
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