Moenart – Found on the Streets in July, 2020; Needs to Re-Visit the Veterinary

8/21/20 – Prayers for Moenart. This past July we were contacted about a very sweet cat who turned up in a cat community being cared for someone we have helped in the past. Moenart’s face appeared swollen, he had a few healed puncture wounds on his neck, a few teeth missing, and needed to be vaccinated and neutered. We authorized him to see one of our partner vets and, unfortunately, was found to be FIV positive. And, his ‘swollen’ cheeks, according to the vet, was actually the result of a “chubby tom cat” and not an infection. Of course his FIV prognosis should never be a death sentence as long as the rescuer was going to now keep him inside a home and away from the cat community. So, we proceeded with Moenart’s neuter and vaccinations. This past week, I was contacted because Moenart was experiencing diarrhea and appeared to have an upper respiratory. Yesterday he saw our doctor again and was treated for the URI but the doctor also wanted to do a blood draw because Moenart had lost one pound since his prior visit. That was done and we are now waiting for results. I just can’t express enough the severity of the health issues these animals have been facing these past few months. Thank God for our Village of rescuers, veterinarian staffs, and donors who make our work possible. I will update you on this very sweet boy as I hear back. – moenart w:mcqueen 7:12:20 moenart 7:6:20

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