Molly – Born to a Feral Mom and Rescued at 5 Weeks Old With An Upper Respiratory Infection

9/20/20 – Molly was born to a feral mom and rescued at 5 weeks old when she was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. She has been treated but will require more antibiotics and then the usual vetting — spay, vaccines, and testing — which will all be done before being adopted. Unfortunately, all of this is taking longer than usual because of the back-ups resulting from the months of shut downs and restrictions amongst the veterinary hospitals. Molly is a polydactyl and already has a new mom lined up. The new mom is in California helping with the fires but will be back home soon to welcome her new baby. We were very thankful that we could help our 4p1h friend, Shari B, who we have worked with in the past. She does a great job in finding the purrfect homes for those she rescues. – diana
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