Scout – A Bottle Baby Found in a Storm Drain

10/5/20 – Can you imagine this little baby in a storm drain on such a chilly, dewy night–all alone and hungry? Well, no more. The baby is now in the home of Chance and Foster Mama Dee. You know she will keep us informed as to the baby’s progress. – diana
“CHANCE: And just like that we have a new baby ❤ This sweet little baby was found all alone in a storm drain in Detroit! We are grateful to Auntie Dee for contacting us and Kim Harris and the Detroit Animal Control Officer who got this baby to us so we could get him warm and fed. He will be traveling back and forth to work everyday with mom since he has to be fed every couple hours. We estimate him to be a little less then two weeks old. We already love him! Welcome little angel, we’re going to take great care of you and of course vetting will be done thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart
When the time comes. Well, life is about to get even busier then usual so we better get some sleep around here 😉 Sweet Dreams Team, sweet dreams little baby “scout 10:4:20 scout=10:4:20 scout w:bridget 10:4:20 scout==10:4:20
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