Simon and Toby – RIP – We Couldn’t Help Them Quickly Enough

9/9/20 – RIP Sweet Simon and Sweet Toby. Both were among 4 litters and 4 moms who were rescued in southwest Detroit. Unfortunately, before we could step in to help, 2 of the kittens died. Toby and Simon were both seen a number of times by vets and on his last visit, Toby passed away before the doctor could see him. Simon was diagnosed with FIP, which may have been the cause of the other deaths and after much consternation, the rescuer allowed him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Please continue to pray and support the many stray, abandoned, and lost animals roaming our streets. And, if you have a little more room in your heart, please pray for the many rescuers and fosters whose hearts break every day at the loss of an innocent animal they tried to save. Unfortunately, the wait time for appointments in our low-cost clinics and veterinary hospitals continues to be an issue and the best we can do is to prioritize those animals closest to being able to reproduce. It has been a challenge for all. – diana
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