Diva – Takes a Turn for the Worse

9/9/20 – diva--9:9:20 diva 9:9:20I’m so upset. Serious prayers are needed for Diva… 😞 You might remember she was doing great and enjoying her spa day… Two days later she started with horrible diarrhea. She will not gain weight. She goes between 1 – 1.5 lb. She is about 9 weeks old now. Diva has a ravenous appetite, she is cuddling and she is playing, but she is not thriving with weight gain. We thought it was food intolerance so changed her to a prescription digestive food, treated her for parasites, have her on a nutracal supplement for the extra calories, a vitamin with higher iron for the loose stool, had her on an antibiotic, treated for coccidia, treated her ear infection, and she is on probiotics. Anyone that knows me is fully aware that it kills me to not know how to fix this baby girl… She is also pooping constantly. My friend and board member Dee and her awesome husband Rick are helping a ton taking care of Diva around the clock…and this baby wouldn’t be here without them! Gina

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