Tiger – Rescued from a Cat Community with a Very Infected Mouth Requiring Teeth Extractions

8/22/20 – Tiger is another one of many innocents who showed up in a cat community being cared for by a very caring business owner. His mouth with full of pus and he was just drooling and in obvious pain. We, fortunately, were able to get him into one of our favorite veterinarians, where his mouth was found to be severely infected with Stomatitis. Once the infection could be treated, Tiger would require several tooth extractions. I was also told by his caretaker that Tiger had several siblings being cared for and although she would take Tiger sith stomatistis 6:11:20 tiger 6:9:20 tiger 6:11:20care of their vetting, she was concerned about putting them back outside in their home territory because many of the other shop owners didn’t like the cats. One day she found a dead kitten wrapped in a bag and placed near the community feeding station so she felt it would not be safe for them to be returned. Tiger, who actually turned out to be very sweet and loves human interaction, is scheduled to have several teeth extracted at the end of the month and the vet cost will be quite costly. For their safety, the other kittens have been taken into the home and the rescuer/caretaker will try to find a barn for the feral kittens/cats. In the mean time, Tiger will continue to have a loving home with his rescuers. In the last five months we have experienced the perfect storm — veterinary hospitals were closed or restricted; animals could not be spayed/neutered (and remember that female cats can have back-to-back litters if not spayed), and all of our fundraisers had to be cancelled. Without our supporters, we would have had to shut down our assistance long ago. But instead, you have been there for the innocent and abused and we are forever thankful. Remember that donations made between now and August 25 will be matched (up to $1,700). – As always, thank you for making a difference. – diana4paws1heart.org/donations/

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