11/920 – Once we commit to a special needs stray animal who is deemed ‘unadoptable’, we will always be there for him/her. The Chance Team are such troopers. Love them all. And a special thanks to foster mom, Denise and Auntie Shelley. – diana
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“Hey Team! Mom here, my apologies for the late update with Bridgette. We were having some technical difficulties posting to our page. Hopefully it’s all better now.
So Bridgette did great for her procedure and her bloodwork came back purrfect. But…there wasnt as much to flush from her nasal passages as usual and she still sounded congested. So she recieved an antibiotic shot and also some nose drops to be used once or twice a day as needed. Have never given a cat nose drops before so not too sure how it’s going to go But will keep you posted. With Bridgees allergies & asthma always rearing its head she needs all the relief she can get. She really is our sweetest, sweetest girl ❤ Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart and all who donated for our Bridgeeee! Shes having a much deserved snooze & snuggle with Scout – Bridgette”
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