Brutus – Found, Emaciated, on the Side of a Major Highway

10/28/20 – The other day I received the following message from a very kind woman who we helped about one year ago with another beautiful dog, Velcro, who the family rescued and we helped to make him become a permanent member of the family. Here is Brutus’ harrowing story – diana
“Saturday afternoon my husband and I were driving down I96 at Telegraph Rd and noticed a severely emaciated and scared puppy on the shoulder of I96 just after the on ramp from Telegraph Rd. He was cowering against the wall of the freeway and was 10 feet away from certain death. We pulled over and backed up down the shoulder to where he was. A semi truck saw what we were trying to do and he stopped the first lane of traffic to help us rescue him. The puppy was so happy to see us that he jumped right into our van and laid down.
My husband and I brought him immediately home and checked him over. The little boy has scars on his right side from what looks like cigar burns and he was so skinny that I thought he would break if we handled him too much. He was so weak that he could barely walk and all of his bones were visible through his skin. We gave him a little bit of food and a lot of water, let him sleep and he perked up a bit.
I introduced him to Velcro and our other dog Martell. They accepted him right away. I posted a picture of the puppy on Facebook. My family and both dogs fell in love with him and would like to keep him. He is Velcro’s new baby now and Martell’s new best buddy.
My husband and I are both unemployed due to the pandemic and are living off of unemployment benefits. We cannot afford the puppy’s vetting and neutering at this time. Sandra Ann recommended that I contact you and that there might be a chance you could assist us with vetting and neutering of this pup.
Thank you again for all you have done for us with Velcro. Any assistance that you could offer for Brutus would be greatly appreciated. This puppy is so special. It has only been 2 and a half days and he is already a part of the family.
brutus w:tracy reese 10:28:20Thank you again.-Tracy”
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