Knit Caps w/4 Paws 1 Heart Logo

CHANCE: Oliver! Bridgette! Take those caps off, those are my Christmas presents for Mom and Aunt Shelly!!!
OLIVER: We just wanted to model them for the Team in case they wanted to order some for Christmas presents 🌲
BRIDGETTE: Exactly! They are only $15, make great gifts annnnd the best part…the proceeds go to support abused and abandoned animals in need of medical care.
CHANCE: Awww, you guys….you’re the best! And your exactly right, and I’m sure the Team would love to see how they look being worn 😉
So Team, if you would like to order your official 4 Paws 1 Heart gear..send an email to Auntie Di at and let her know how many you need while supplies last and before your ears freeze! 😊 Let her know that Chance sent you!
Sweet dreams Team, we’ll see you all tomorrow. ❤bridgette 12:15:20 oliver 12:15:20 chance 12:13:20
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