Mickey – Update

12/21/20 – What a weekend. It started with Mickey. His rescuer called early Saturday morning to tell me that her son had tested positive for covid and that she was experiencing chest pains. She had gone to the doctor who said the chest issues were a result of anxiety. The rescuer wasn’t confident of that and felt she was unable to take care of Mickey because Dr. Z had told her to keep Mickey away from her son and anyone who may have covid. Thankfully, between Dr. Zalac and our friend Emily K. who has taken on Mileena, I learned more about the virus and pets and Emily found a foster for Mickey who can keep him in a separate room — quarantined, So, once we had Mickey scheduled to go to a safe place, I called Dr. Z to find out more about pets and covid because although I had heard speculation early on about pets and covid, I haven’t heard anything since. Dr. Z advised that her research indicates that cats are susceptible to contracting covid from humans; the jury is still out as to whether cats can transmit the virus to humans or other animals. At this time dogs don’t seem to be as susceptible but the jury is still out. After 14 days of quarantine, Mickey will have exploratory and corrective surgery. (see his story in an earlier post). – diana
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