Pecan – Gets a Blood Donor to Help With Her Eye Medicine

1/5/21 – pecan 1:5:21-- maizey blood donor pecan 1:5:21Big day today for our little Pecan!!! She has one eye left, and as you all know saving it has been our goal. Unfortunately, an appointment with the Eye Specialist is several weeks away because they are very busy. In the meantime, we have been fortunate enough to receive professional advice from our doctors at Moore Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Z of Lake Orion who handles lots of eye cases. Dr. Wright has also chimed in with her helpful experience. ♡ It takes a village!
Over the last few days the eye formed what looks like the start of an ulcer. One of the eye drops recommended in this kind of case requires a procedure of a blood draw using the serum spun down from the blood.. It can be frozen to last longer, but since Pecan is so small we needed a healthy adult kitty.
The hospital mascot “Maizey” over at Moore (beautiful long hair calico), donated the blood needed for Pecan. Our skilled tech Julie and assistant Tracey both did an awesome job getting 15mls of blood without needing full sedation!
This may significantly help to save the remaining eye, heal it faster, and reach our goal of saving any vision we can!!!! ♡
Huge thank you to foster mommy and Daddy Dee and Rick♡
I looked up the meaning of the name Maize and found it very fitting. ♡ Gina
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