Tiny – Has Not Been Eating or Drinking

12/27/20 – The goal for Tiny’s care has been reached but your prayers are still needed. Our friend, Lu, whom we’ve helped with many strays over the years, would be devastated if she lost this guy. – my sincere thanks to all. – diana

A Second Chance For Chance

Hey Team, Mom here. Ok…so heres the scoop.
Tiny appears to have something in her small intestines that is causing large gas patterns and a great deal of inflammation. That explains why Tiny is not eating or drinking and vomiting phlegm. The plan is for her to stay in the hospital overnight. She will stay on IV fluids and also she will be given barium. She will have xrays and gas tests every 3hrs to see if the obstruction is moving so it can be passed. She will also be given antinausea meds and appetite stimulant to try and get her eating to also help with the process of getting the obstruction moving. As I told you earlier, Tinys caretaker is 90yrs old and is physically disabled. Staying in the hospital is the best option to get Tiny back on her feet. But it comes at a pretty high cost. The current estimate for Tinys stay is between $830-$1130. We really, really could use your help on this one Team. Your donation would be greatly, greatly appreciated!!! Please, please if you are able..go to 4paws1heart.org/donations/ and on the line that says “Special Instructions” please type in “TINY” Thankyou Team. Your donations saves lives. I will keep you all posted ❤

tiny 12:27:20

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