Asher (and others) – Found Very Ill, Unable to Eat Due to an Ulcer in His Mouth, In a Hoarding Situation

1/27/21 – Asher is one of 6 cats rescued the other day. They were living in a hoarding situation where 17 cats need to be rescued. Asher was the only one visibly sick and not neutered. He hadn’t been eating and he was flea infested–his fur felt like he had mange. He was immediately taken to a vet with our authorization and the others will be spayed/neutered/vaccinated/tested — whatever is needed at All About Animals. We have committed to caring for all 17 when they are rescued.
Asher was treated for the fleas and given steroids for the severe flea allergy which also may be responsible for an ulcer found in his mouth. It’s probably why the poor guy wasn’t eating. He was also neutered but because of the steroid treatment, he won’t be vaccinated for two weeks. Asher is the first two photos, and the others are of the cats who will be taken to All About Animals. Two of the females may be pregnant. Also, there are photos of the conditions these poor animals were living in. If anyone is interested in these cats, please contact Keri at: – diana
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