Chris – Update – Had His Eyelid Surgery

chris 1:28:21

1/28/21 – A couple of weeks ago I posted the story of Chris (Cross-Eyed Chris) born without upper eyelids, and Squirrel-both were ‘barn’ kittens. Chris was missing eyelids and Squirrel’s rib cage was curved inward. Well yesterday I got a report from Chris’ rescuers, Paws, Awes, and Claws. Here it is:
“Chris had his surgery today with Dr. Zalac . Here is his first post-op picture. He’s looking a little rough, but the swelling should go down soon. 🙂 He can open his eyes but prefers not to since they’re sore. Doc said she is not worried about the right eye, but his left eye was “a mess” (which we knew to some extent). She thinks it’s possible he will need another surgery on that eye, but we won’t know until it starts to heal. Fingers crossed! He has a recheck with her next week and then one more in two weeks! Thank you guys again for all of your help!! – Courtney”
Of course, we have committed to Chris and if he needs another surgery, we will be there for him. A huge thank you to our many rescuers and especially our donors. Without the very loving and generous people who follow us, there would be no one to give these stray animals a second chance at life. – diana
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