Precious and Shadow, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, Buddy Holly, Boots – All Rescued From Abusive Conditions on the Streets

1/19/21 – First let me apologize for being redundant but this past year has truly been the year of CATS/KITTENS. Not because we chose to only help felines but because that is where the majority of calls for help have been. Some of the conditions this past year that resulted in such overwhelming situations were: 1) the shut down of low-cost veterinary clinics like All About Animal, The PAWS Clinic, and the Humane Society of St. Clair for a number of months; 2) the restrictions put on standard veterinary hospitals to only perform emergency surgeries; 3) then when everything opened for all animals, the backlog for owners and rescuers were overwhelming and that backlog continues partly because of the virus procedures put in place for the protection of staff and animals; and 4) with so many people who lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced, a number of pets, unfortunately, found their way back into the wild.
So now, every so often, I will be going back in time to report on the many animals we continued to help throughout the year but whom I didn’t report on just because of the numbers.
Here are five sweet kitties who were taken off of the streets by independent rescuers, some of whom we’ve helped in the past. They all received some medical treatment, typically testing for FIV/FeLV, vaccines, flea/parasite treatment, spay/neuter, and eye meds which are very often needed. I present Precious and Shadow, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, precious and shadow 1:3:21 marshmallow 12:22:20 marshmallow 10:26:20 Pumpkin - sheila vickery 11:11:20 buddy holly boots 1:15:21Buddy Holly, and Boots. – diana
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