2020 Pandemic – The Continuing Effects of Closed and Restricted Animal Clinics

2/3/21 – As you can see, this guy was left behind at a motel. A rescue and foster has been found and 4 Paws 1 Heart is taking care of his medical needs which always includes neutering, testing, and vaccines. Recently a poster commented about us not helping dogs and again, I want to say, we are non-discriminatory. We will help any stray dog or cat as long as we have the funds. It’s just that over the past 10 months, because of the shut 144584038_3967294533302815_3037647267289162362_odowns and restrictions in mid-2020, many more cats have been born on the streets than dogs and many more have been injured or gotten sick. This doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t dogs needing our help but we have not been contacted about dogs as we have with cats. In fact, in just this past week we have been contacted about 2 hoarding situations which we’ve posted about and just learned that an additional 11 cats were found on the premises and 13 dead cats were found in the freezer. We are working with the rescuers on that also. In addition, we have had many of our TNR rescue friends who have been working very diligently in mobile home parks which often have an overwhelming number of cats left behind when people move, contact us for assistance. In all cases, because of our loyal donors, we have not had to say no yet. Thank YOU. – diana
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