Katniss – She Was Left at the Curb to be Picked Up With the Garbage. Look at Her Now

2/7/21 – A great update on our Katniss. She brought tears when I first met her the day after she was rescued and had emergency surgery due to pounds of cloth-like material in her stomach. Read Katniss’ journey on our website. – diana
katniss 2:6:21 katniss w:carrie k 2:6:21 katniss collage-1

“I got to visit Katniss today and it was so nice to see how well she is doing and how much she adores her mommy. ❤

Katniss is a dog that I took into 4 paws 1 heart when I worked at emergency. She was found on the curb stuffed in a baby crate nearly starved to death.
Carrie Krausmann

fostered her for months giving her the love, structure and training she needed to heal. Eventually she was adopted into a loving forever home. 💕 If u click on the link directly below this sentence u will watch the heartwarming video that says it all. – Gina”

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