Micky – Update

2/16/21 – In the meantime, here is an update on Micky who was saved along with 4 others by two caring women. Mickey was a priority in that he seemed to be missing an eye and was in pretty bad shape. On February 11 Micky was seen by Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. Dr. Z advised that Micky has a congenital eye issues and the eye would need to be removed and closed up. Because he has more pressing issues, it was not done that day. Micky’s wrist is broken and he has a ‘rip’ inside in elbow with some infection in the bone. He is only 10-12 months although the rescuers thought he was years old. Unfortunately, he is FIV positive but the rescuers have been in touch with someone who has found placement for FIV cats. Dr. Z said that Micky has been in a lot of pain (makes me heartsick to think how many Mickys are out there). Dr. Zalac neutered Micky, cleaned his leg wounds, cleaned his eyes, and put revolution on a “weird” parasite found on his skin. He will have a follow-up appointment next week. At that time, we will know when his eye surgery should be scheduled.
Remember that your donations truly Save Lives. These animals depend on the village of rescuers, doctors, fosters, adopters, and 4 Paws 1 Heart. We will always be there for them as long as funds are available. – diana
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