Onyx – Praying Her Paw and Leg Does Not Have to be Amputated

2/9/21 – Our friend, Jo A., contacted us the other night about a 4-5 month old kitten found freezing outside, paws bleeding, very thin, breathing heavy, and with severe diarrhea. The rescuer suspected frost bite or being caught in a car engine.
She was able to be seen by one of our favorite doctors yesterday. Dr. Zalac reported that Onyx was in very bad shape. She thought she might have to have a paw and leg amputated and definitely needed treatment for an upper respiratory infection. She stayed overnight at the animal hospital and she is receiving special treatment that might negate the need for the leg to be amputated. I will know more later today and will update our friends. Onyx’s treatment may be costly so anything you can do to help with her recovery is very much appreciated. She is a very sweet cat and, like so many, is either an escapee or was abandoned by owners. We absolutely want to give Onyx a second chance at life. A small prayer always helps. – diana
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