Onyx – Severe Diarrhea, Emaciated, Upper Respiratory Infection, and Burned Paws – Either Frostbite or Stuck in an Engine Fan

2/8/21 – Please say a prayer for Onyx. She is in very bad shape. May need at least one amputation and has a very serious infection. I will update. – diana

“Thank you for your generosity to help all the poor animals in need with supporting 4 paws 1 heart with the football squares. This is a new soulonyx 2:8:21 w:jo add onyx w:jo add in need. She was rescued last night. Her paws are bleeding Either frost bite or burnt from trying to stay warm in the engine of a car ,severe diarrhea, skin and bones and a uri. She wouldn’t have made it another night in this cold. 4 paws 1 heart is covering her medical, the football squares goes toward her care and many more. There are many more out there that need our help. Hope you all have a great superbowl sunday. Her name is onyx. Ill be updating her journey. – Jo”

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