Onyx – Update

2/23/21 – Remember Onyx. We don’t know how it happened but we thought she would lose a toe and her leg. We arranged to have her seen by Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital who prescribed antibiotics and medical soaks. Yesterday, Onyx had another follow-up visit and the doctor was very pleased with the results. Onyx has gained a little weight. Her wounds are almost totally healed. No more medicines, no more soaks, and she can use regular litter. Onyx was vaccinated but she is still having bowel issues. She may have irritable bowel syndrome. She has a recheck in 3 weeks. Because of our amazing doctors, our generous supporters, and the caring rescuers/fosters, another kitty found in the brutal cold, who would have surely lost her leg, or worse, died on the streets, is saved an loved. Onyx will eventually be needing her forever home so please keep this beauty in mind. She is very loving and loves to lay on the bed purring most of the day. – diana
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