TeeTee (aka Kiki) – Update

2/24/21 – After a very sad beginning of the week, I received this very happy update. You might remember Miss TeeTee (now Miss Kiki) she’s the kitty who jumped in the rescuer’s car and refused to leave. When the rescuer gave up trying and started to drive, Kiki jumped in the rescuer’s lap and the rest is history. Here is Elisavet’s update:
“We cannot even believe how sweet, easygoing she is. I was afraid she might be a little feral after she chewed her way out of the kittypen the night before she went to get fixed but nope! She totally loves being an indoor kitty & is pretty well behaved for a hoodrat kitty lol. She does like to chew into the trashbags & if bread or bread-like products are left out unguarded, guarantee there will be parts eaten next time we see them so now the bread & bread-like products live in the oven lol.
She’s a sweet funny baby & our youngest (a boy we found outside the laundromat two yrs ago when he was just a starving wet skinny shivering kitten) has a playmate!! He had been driving our old ladies crazy wanting to play & they wanted no part of running, chasing & jumping lol. Miss Kiki LOVES to play!!
Thank u again so so much for getting her all fixed up. We adore her more than I can say.”
God’s blessings to all who rescue and may he watch over the many animals who haven’t been lucky enough to be rescued yet. – diana
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