Sundae – Living in a Cat Community Which is Being Threatened By a Resident

2/3/21 – A very good friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart contacted me about this poor girl/guy who she’s been feeding for about one year. He’s a member of a cat community that she has been caring for but is now being threatened by someone who lives near the colony. She named him Sundae because, again, not sure if he’s a male or female but we will find out tomorrow when he will be seen by a vet. This poor baby appears to be sight impaired and always separates himself from the rest of the cats. Our friend, Laura, always tries to make sure he is there to be fed. As Laura said, he appears to have been through a lot in his life — she estimates he is about 4-5 years old. As I said he will be going to one of our vets tomorrow to be examined, tested, treated for any parasites, and neutered/spayed if needed. HELP is needed because we don’t want to see him go back to the colony. Unfortunately, our friend already has a number of cats that she takes care of and thinks he would like to be in a home with fewer cats. If you can help, please contact Laura at: – diana
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