Salem – RIP — She Was Diagnosed to Late with Neurological FIP

3/23/21 – RIP Salem. She was originally diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection when she had a fever and was sneezing. She was eating and drinking but wasn’t as active. The next day she stopped eating and drinking so she was taken to an emergency hospital; her fever was still high. She was given antibiotics and given supportive care. At first the doctors thought she was stable but then she took another turn for the worse. Four days later, little Salem died from what they now think was neurological FIP although at the beginning it was thought that 9-month old Salem just had a viral infection. For this rescue, this is 4th kitten out of multiple litters, over the past 6 months, that had FIP. With the 3 other kittens, two lived because they were diagnosed early and were given an experimental drug. This rescue has been through a lot and we were glad to help with Salem’s bill. – diana
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