Shelby – Undergoes Her Second Surgery – This Time for Entropian

3/23/21 – Prayers for Shelby who will be having surgery this morning for entropion of the eye. You might remember Shelby from earlier this year. She was supposedly found on the streets and surrendered to a rescue we like to help. When she was rescued she had a severe blind eye and we covered her eye removal. At that time, we knew she might need another surgery to correct a condition whereby the eyelashes grow into the eye as opposed to outside. The condition is not only painful but will eventually result in blindness.
Without the support of our friends, these animals would have no recourse. They would live a life of pain or die suffering on the streets. If you can, please consider donating so that we never have to refuse a stray, abandoned, or abused animal in need. – diana
shelby 3:22:21
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