Blossom (mom), Walnut, Cedar, Birch, and Maple (babies) – A Very Difficult and Happy Rescue

5/21/21 – What would happen to the thousands of homeless animals on the streets without those who never turn their back on an animal in need? Here’s a mama and her family who will be thankful that her little family was saved and will find themselves a furever loving home. Here’s the message from their rescuer, Sara, (
“About 1 month ago my neighbors and I noticed a long haired calico cat actively running around the neighborhood. Last week I was able to see where she was going to, a huge pile of brush and wood in my neighbors backyard, out ran 4 little kittens. After over an hour of removing all the brush and stumps we were able to get to the bottom of the pile and get all 4 kittens. It was NOT easy, very dusty and very dark. That same night, I was able to trap momma in a live-trap, as she is very feral, and now have her in my sunroom. The kittens are all eating hard and wet food along with nursing from momma. They are about 4.5 weeks old and my best guess is that on June 11th they will be about 8 weeks old. They are all healthy and I plan on fostering and finding them homes once they are fixed and get their vet care. – Sara”
The family will be going to our frienBlossom w:sara taube 5:18:21 cedar, birch, walnut and maple- blossom's babies 5:20:21d’s clinic, Comfort’s Place, in Redford where they will get the ‘works’ — testing, vaccinating, spay/neuter, and parasite. treatment if needed. Please contact Sara if you are interested. – diana
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