Noelle – Rescued Before Being Euthanized; Still Having Health Issues

5/18/21 – noelle 5:18:21Prayers are needed for Noelle. ♡ She was brought to our attention around Christmas time when her previous owner was going to euthanize her due to unclear reasons… Moore Veterinary Hospital was kind enough to allow her to be surrendered to us so we could help give her a second chance.
At that time, she tested positive for hyperthyroidism and she had existing dental work that needed to be addressed. We offered to cover her medical because she was such a sweet cat that is only 10, and she could potentially have several more quality years. In the meantime, her foster family has fallen in love with her.
We were finally able to get her thyroid under control to then schedule her dental work. Unfortunately, she has been up and down with her appetite since. We are waiting on some lab results to hopefully get some answers. I should know more tomorrow and I will update as soon a I can. We are really praying 🙏for some positive treatable answers 🙏
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