Jules – A Victim of FIP But Alive Today Because of an Experimental Drug

4/30/21 – Jules was trapped along with two other cats, Briar and Billy. We were contacted to help in that the finder has spent thousands of dollars in rescuing and tnr’ing cats and she just didn’t have the funds. All were taken to one of our favorite doctors to be examined, tested, neutered/spayed, and vaccinated. Briar and Billy tested positive for FIV which is not a death sentence but often makes it more difficult to find that furever home. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Jules had FIP.
As I’ve explained before, FIP is a strain of the coronavirus and is deadly. There are two forms wet and dry and I would suggest that any feline people do some research on this very horrible virus. It was with Jules that I learned of the FIP Warriors who provide education about the virus as well as research into some experimental drugs which have had amazing success. Unfortunately, the cost of these drugs are often beyond the ability of the average rescuer but if approved would not only save many cats but will cost so much less than the typical week/s of hospitalization which usually result in death.
I was referred to a person very active in the effort who informed me that because of the critical work focused on the covid vaccines, there has been a serious delay in getting the drugs FDA approved for feline FIP.
After doing my own research I decided this was something 4 Paws 1 Heart should get involved with — on a limited basis because of its cost — and Jules was the first to get the experimental drugs. Within days, Jules went from a lethargic, close to death kitten, to a playful, ‘normal’ kitten. She is close to completing her therapy and sees our vet for blood work to ensure there are no issues. Her rescuer remains in touch with me and I will continue to update you. Her therapy started in early February when the gang of three were saved from the bitter cold. – dianajules---2:10:21 jules 2:10:21 jules after
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