Micky – Looking for His Furever Home

5/14/21 – Help and Please Share. Remember Micky? During the frigid temperatures this past February, Micky was rescued along with 5 other ‘younger cats’ who only needed basic vetting (spay/neuter, vaccines, parasite treatment, antibiotics, etc.) But, Micky appeared to be an old soul. He had a serious injury on his leg, most of his teeth appeared to be missing, he had a serious flea infestation, and worse, his eye appeared to be missing. Micky was taken to one of the best, Dr. Zalac, of Orion Animal Hospital, and Micky’s prognosis was dicey. The doctor confirmed he was in much pain and she was concerned that not only would he have to have an eye removed because it was so infected, but he might need to have a leg amputation. Also, he tested positive for FIV. AND, he was estimated to be only 10-12 months old not a senior as originally thought. At that time, the goal was to just get him healthy and happy again. Happily, his leg was saved with Dr. Zalac’s and his rescuer’s special care and his eye was removed in mid-March.
Micky now is looking for his Furever Home. This is how his rescuer, Heidi, describes “sweet Micky” today: “Funny, Comes When Called, Attached to his rescuer (or anyone who feeds him), Confident, Playful, Loves to climb and jump, Good with cats and dogs, and, Only has 3 little back teeth so there is no risk of biting and transmitting FIV”.
Unfortunately, Heidi has a small house with more than a few animals, one of whom likes to stalk Micky. Up until now, Micky was great at using his litter boxes, but Heidi thinks that the lack of personal space for Micky has resulted in him wanting to mark his territory. And now Heidi thinks he would be happier in a home with less animals and more space. Here is a current photo and a photo when he was rescued. Please consider giving this guy a home and if you can, contact Heidi at: heidi.hepler@gmail.com – diana
“There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.” Tay Hohoff
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