Mothers Day 2021 – Working to Keep Female Cats from Becoming Mothers

5/9/21 – Although we all appreciate and love our moms on this Mother’s Day, we work very hard to keep the many stray cats and dogs from being mothers. Your donations not only save the lives of the cat/dog who is rescued but means hundreds, if not thousands, of other lives will never be born to die horrible deaths on the streets. Since August, 2010, we have spayed/neutered over 8,000 stray, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs, along mothers day 2021 - mothers day 2021 posting mothers day 2021-- mothers day 2021==with any other medical needs required. When you consider that just one female cat can produce 15 cats a year for most of her life, and those kittens will go on to reproduce if not spayed/neutered, your donations have saved thousands of lives from NOT being born. Thank you so very much, on this Mother’s Day, for helping us in our mission. – diana
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