Jezzibelle – She Was Found Suffering with Severe Dental Issues

4/20/21 – Before Dwight, Heather contacted us about Jezzibelle. She had been rescued with very severe dental issues causing her much pain. She had already lost some teeth. It took awhile before she could have surgery but eventually she was ready and we were happy to cover the much needed extractions surgery. Jezzibelle is doing great in her temporary home but is still looking for her furever home. If you would like to give her that second chance at life, please contact Heather at: [email protected] – diana
“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man” – Charles Darwinjezzibelle w:heather jezzibelle w:heather breitbach 4:20:21

Dwight – RIP – It Was Just Too Late and He Had Been Through So Very Much

4/20/21 – RIP Sweet Dwight, you were very much loved in the end. It was March 1 when Heather contacted me about helping Dwight. The little guy followed her from a laundromat to her apartment. He had wounds all over his body plus a cyst near his eye. We were happy to help. Unfortunately, Dwight’s second chance at life was not to be and here is his story from Heather just 9 days later:
“I wanted to send you a nicer pic of Dwight. I would love to have you do a memorial post for him. I have also attached a short video of his joy the moment I brought him in for rescue.
His story: I live in a poverty stricken, low income area in Pontiac where I run a small rescue called Up in Arms for Animals Rescue & Rehab. We have a large stray cat population which attracts many pet theives to sell strays into the cruel dog fighting industry (I’ve now been approached by 3 of them trying to get cats in my care). I saw Dwight several buildings away while coming back from the laundry room. I blew kisses to him from about 40 ft away and he came running after me like he had been in search of someone to bring him indoors. He happily let me pick him up and bring him into my home where I quarantined him in my bathroom from the other rescues here. I found him covered in wounds from fighting, including a large infected cyst near his left eye. He spent only a week with me and yelled and screamed nearly constantly. I brought him into the vet last Friday when he was diagnosed with both FIV and FeLV. I now believe Dwight may have been suffering and when he saw me leaving the laundry room, he knew to follow me for the help he needed. I’m still mourning his loss after the vet recommended euthanasia which was done that day. He was very sweet and so happy to be fed, indoors where it’s warm, safe and receiving the love and care he wanted and needed. He sadly only lived a short life of only about a year, but he knew love and kindness. I stayed by his side through his final moments when myself and the vet staff all cried for his tragic death.
Thank you for helping me to end his suffering. None of us wanted things to end this way for Dwight but I’m happy that he at least didn’t die alone, cold, hungry and scared on the street. Thank you.
Heather Breitbach
Up in Arms for Animals Rescue & Rehab
Pontiac, Mi”
As an added note, I asked Heather about what I had previously heard about cats now being used in dog fighting in that she had mentioned it. You may remember that a rescue friend in Detroit had told me about cats paws being painted and then being used in dog fighting. Here is Heather’s response:
“They don’t usually just paint the paws. They usually look for white and light colored cats because they spray paint and dye them different colors so there’s no confusion in who wins the bets. It’s disgusting and evil and my main motivation in doing rescue here. I’m happy that at least these coward pet thieves don’t want to fight with me because that’s what it would take to get an animal from me. I have been trying to get pertinent information regarding their identity and location here but unfortunately people know better than to give it to me. Thankfully there are still some good people left here in Pontiac and several have stepped in to save these babies from abuse and knew to bring them to me for safety. I try to focus my thoughts on the ones I manage to save and not the ones who disappear before I can get them but it’s hard to do when they approach me. Thank you for helping so many animals. You are doing God’s work helping so many. I plan to do a fundraiser for your organization soon if that’s ok with you. – Heather”
And Heather is doing a facebook fundraiser, and we will continue to help her whenever she asks and we have the funds. – diana
“The abuse of a harmless thing is the essence of sin” – A. W. Tozerdwight 3:1:21 dwight 3:1:21-- dwight 3:10:21

Poof, Peppers, Peppermint, Popcorn, and Honeydew – Rescued From the Streets

4/16/21 – More cats rescued by Saving Cats and Kittens and helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart. It’s not just about neutering/spaying the cats on the streets today but it’s about keeping more cats from being born on the streets in the future. We are the only solution. Here is Poof, Peppers, Peppermint, Popcorn, and Honeydew, – diana

Spay/Neuter – Helping Other Rescues in Their Efforts

4/16/21 – No matter how many we all try to spay/neuter, the overpopulation of cats continues. We are very thankful for the support that has allowed us to continue to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and provide needed medical care of the orphans on the streets. You might remember Howie who was found pretty shredded after being in a fight. Well, when Howie was found, many others showed up and we will be helping Saving Cats and Kittens with the medical needs. Please remember that just because a cat is outside, it doesn’t mean that cat is feral. The cat may have escaped or been abandoned. If you are looking for a new love in your life, please check out the cats and kittens available with Saving Cats and Kittens Michigan. – diana

Charlie – A Memorial from the Woman Who Saved Him

charlie from laura of mutts charlie 2021 from laura mutts charlie 2011 from mutts of motownHere is Laura’s memorial to the boy she took such good care of and loved. – diana

Mutts Of Motown

For many years, we had a dog named Charlie who we called Chuckie sometimes. I feel that now his whole story should be told. He came to rescue after being used for bait (I’ll spare you the photos). Not to us but another rescue. He received blood transfusions from another rescue dog who was his angel. He got adopted to a man and lived with him and another male dog. All his shots were kept up to date. One day, the landlord entered Charlie’s home unannounced and illegally. Charlie protected his home, as many dogs would. Animal control was called. The landlord should have been charged with illegal entry and trespassing but he wasn’t. Charlie was not given the option to do the bite hold at home (which is the norm) but instead he was dragged out on a control stick and taken to the county shelter. There he was kenneled between two large intact males. I know that because I saw them. I found out that he had no out time and I believe he was in his kennel while they cleaned it because they had labeled him aggressive because he protected his home and his owner. When the bite hold was up, there was a fee to get him out, and by then his owner was living in his van with his other dog due to the landlord illegally evicting him. Since he couldn’t take care of Charlie anymore, the return contract would hold that rescue responsible to go get him, and usually shelters work with rescue on fees which would have been great…..except…..they left him there. And there he sat. For almost a month. Those bitches just left him there. Of course an evaluation in there would do nothing since the people who work there all look the same as the idiot that drug him out of his home.
Some friends who supported us back then had paid for his vet bills the first time he was rescued and asked us to give him a chance and we did. Sadly the system caused him more issues than being a bait dog did. He was online as experienced handler only, and privacy fence required but he never trusted men after I went and got him out of that kennel.
I have some bad news. Our Charlie started limping a few months ago. Because our vet had closed, we took him to a new place (still looking for a decent vet) and we got an exray and while we were there he got pretty aggressive. Luckily I was holding him and he was muzzled. They said he had bone cancer in his back leg. I knew from experience that we could amputate but the cancer would return in a few months to a year so I decided to show him a good time. A few days ago, the heavy pain meds I was giving him pretty much stopped helping and I made some calls but this drive through vet service wasn’t right for him or me. I was able to get a very expensive house call vet who came pretty far to put him down in the backyard. I’d tranquilized him before he got there and he’s gone now. It makes me sad what happened to him from animal control taking him out of his home, to the unnecessary situation at the shelter, to the other rescue leaving him there, etc. Because of all of that, I buried him in the backyard where he always knew he was safe. He was the fiercest protector and although he had issues (that he came by honestly) he was a good boy and a lot of fun. I suppose since all our remaining dogs are older and have issues, this will continue but that is one reason I wanted to stop intake a few years back. We’re really going to miss him.
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Charlie – RIP – 10 Years Later

4/14/21 – RIP Sweet Charlie – It was April, 2011 when Charlie first came into our lives at only 8 months old. He was found on a porch in a nearby City, obviously used as a bait dog and then discarded when he was no longer of use. He had severe infections all over his body and joints, bed sores, internal bleeding, and bronchitis. He was brought into the emergency where Gina worked at the time and after 4 1/2 hours of surgery and getting a transfusion from Gina’s, Angel, Charlie recovered and he was taken in by a rescue who offered to take him in. Charlie was adopted out and we all thought his life would change for the better but unfortunately, although he may have been loved for a short while, the adopted home turned out to be not the best. As described in the Mutts of Motown post I’ve shared, Charlie couldn’t catch a break. But I had no idea all of what went on until I read a post from the rescue advising that Charlie was to be euthanized at the shelter. I immediately contacted the rescue as I felt they were obligated to save Charlie but the rescue refused and that was the last time we ever had anything to do with that rescue. Then began the days of calling on everyone I knew (and that wasn’t much in those early days) in my attempt to save Charlie. Finally, it was Laura of Mutts of Motown who stepped up and together with her, the shelter Chief, and a few other friends who got Charlie out of death row and the horrible, frightening environment he had been experiencing. We can’t thank Laura enough for giving Charlie the love and respect he so much deserved. – diana
“Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts” – Unknowncharlie4:15:11 charlie4:15:11(1) charlieafterrescue6:5:13

Bunnies – It’s the Season to be Educated

This post is copied from “HOWELL NATURE CENTER “. I’m sharing this important information because people always ask what to do. – Gina173358837_3923924994339792_1050015204410071752_n
Important baby bunny information ❗️
We are being inundated with baby cottontails in our Wildlife Clinic and receiving countless calls to our Helpline from people concerned about babies they’ve found.
Most of the time the bunnies in question are NOT orphaned. Please read below to learn more about what you should do if you find these critters.
🐇 Baby cottontails are ready to be on their own when they are about the size of a softball. If you find one this size and it does not appear injured, let it be!
🐇 Mother cottontails feed their babies in the nest just twice a day during overnight hours, so it’s normal not to see mom around during the day. This doesn’t mean the nest has been abandoned.
🐇 Simply touching a baby will not result in mom abandoning it, but please don’t touch if you don’t have to! These guys stress very easily and can die from handling-induced stress.
🐇 Well-fed bunnies in the nest should have a plump, round belly. If they look skinny and narrow, they may potentially need help. If you lightly pinch their skin on top of their shoulder blades, it should fall right back into place. If it stays pinched in a “tent”, they are dehydrated and need help.
🐇 If you aren’t sure if mom is coming back at night, you can put flour around the perimeter of the nest to check for footprints. Or, you can put vegetation over the nest in a specific pattern and check if it has been disturbed.
🐇 If dogs are an issue, put a laundry basket upside down on top of the nest during the day when your dog is outside. Be sure to remove it at night so mom can return to feed her babies overnight. Or better yet, keep your dogs on a leash for the short time bunnies will be in their nest.
🐇 Keep your cat inside. Cats are notorious for injuring or killing baby bunnies (and other wildlife).
🐇 Check for bunny nests before doing yard work. They often nest in tall grasses and will cover the nest with fur and vegetation. If you see a small circle of dry grass and some fur, you might have a nest in your yard!
🐇 If you do find a bunny that needs help, contact us or another licensed rehabber. Cottontails are very prone to stress and need specialized wildlife formula and care.

Rocky and Inky – Found on the Streets in February

4/13/21 – Rocky and Inky were found on the streets in the middle of February. They were taken in by our good friend Jo A. We were happy to get them into a vet to be vaccinated, snap tested, treated for fleas/parasites, and of course, neutered. Another two lost souls off the dangerous streets and into someone’s heart. Without our supporters, these lives would never have a second chance. – diana