Victoria – Update: After Two Nights in an Emergency Hospital; Transferred to Orion Animal Hospital

5/25/21 – Victoria Update: Victoria made it to Dr. Zalac’s of Orion Animal Hospital safely with her 11-day-old babies in tow. Thankfully, Karen’s mom traveled with the gang and was able to watch over Victoria and petted her the entire 45-minute ride. I spoke with Dr. Z who did more x-rays and noted that the lungs look worse than when they were x-rayed at the emergency. It is still unknown as to what is causing the respiratory issues but we agreed that Victoria is a fighter and that she deserves a chance at life. Victoria will be still receiving oxygen through the night and steroids. We are praying that she has a peaceful night without poking and prodding at Dr. Z’s and that she improves by morning. The staff made sure the babies were fed while Karen was with Dr. Z and Victoria. Karen reported that the babies are angels and slept all the way to the hospital and back to her house. Please continue to remember Victoria in your prayers. At least we know that she is being cared for by the very best. I will continue to update. Here is another photo of Victoria, Victoria snuggling with each of her babies, and the babies (we now know they are a boy and girl) and how the sleep together. Thank you for your support. – diana
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