Victoria – Update – Still at the Emergency Hospital

5/24/21 – Prayers needed for Mama Victoria. Earlier this morning I posted about Victoria who was taken to an emergency hospital late yesterday afternoon. Early this morning, the doctor who was with her throughout the night thought she had turned the corner, her breathing was good and she was eating and off oxygen. But, before Karen (her rescuer) could pick her up, I was contacted by the next doctor on duty who advised that Victoria had taken a turn for the worse and continued to need to be on oxygen and also recommended some further blood work in that her lungs “were a mess” and the doctor wasn’t quite sure as to what was causing the issue. The doctor felt she would need care for at least another 24 hours. If any of you have ever had a pet in emergency, you know how expensive it is. Consequently, I had to ask questions. This was not a ‘planned’ expense (as if anything ever is) and I did ask our ‘go to’ Dr. Zalac to help me in speaking with the emergency doctor and sharing her recommendations with me.
The bottom line is that at this time the emergency doctor feels Victoria’s illness is treatable but we are prepared to also have her see Dr. Zalac for after care. Also, we have authorized another 24 hours of care which will double the cost of Victoria’s medical care which was already significant. But, again, what could we do. These two babies are crying for her and the staff at the emergency tell me that she is the very sweetest. Karen will definitely be finding a furever home for this family so they will never be on the streets and we are also praying that whatever has hit Victoria will not be passed through to her babies. Again, I ask, if you can, please help us with this case by making a donation. We were only able to have one fundraiser last yearvictoria's kittens---5:24:21 and rely totally on those and individual donations in that we are not a rescue who adopts out animals. May God Bless You for your prayers and generosity. I will keep you informed. – diana
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