Bean, Sawyer, Moon, Coco, Charlie – Rescued from a Mobile Home Park

6/2/21 – These babies were found in a mobile home park and will soon be ready for their makeovers. On June 17 they will be taken to the vet complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. When you consider that a female cat can give birth 3 times a year and have an average of 5 kittens each time for almost her entire life, the investment made to have these babies neutered/spayed is a valuable one. A donation of $225 will ensure that these five will never be responsible for producing any more unwanted kittens. And, that is what it is all about. – diana
P.S. Anyone interested in these cuties should contact Beckie at: bborse79@gmail.combean 5:9:21 w:becky sawyer w:becky borse 5-9-21 moon coco w:borse 5:9:21 charlie 5:9:21 w:borse
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