Luna – Passed Around With an Injured Paw From Home to Home

6/3/21 – Prayers for Luna. Here is her story as reported by her rescuer:
“I just recently had a puppy dropped off to me asking me to foster her for a short while. I was told she has a fractured or broken paw although I’m not sure because she has been through two different homes where it was ignored and it’s not my dog or else I would be doing more. But, this puppy is in pain and constantly walking on her hurt paw possibly hurting it more. I can afford some of the vet bills such as getting her shots and possibly x-rays but I was really hoping for some assistance with the splint being that she may need one as soon as possible. Luna is 3 months old, she’s a pit bull/lab mix. Her previous owner said she doesn’t know how she hurt her paw and when she took her to the vet and they told her how much it would cost to get x-rays and a splint and she couldn’t afford it so she gave the dog to someone I know who has special needs. That person was kicked out of her house right after taking the pup in and she asked me to care for the puppy until she could get back on her feet. But, she lives with her parents and they said no to a dog. I don’t feel she’s a fit home for the puppy along with not being able to afford the procedures she might need and I plan on keeping the puppy if I can help her. – Joyce”
Joyce took Luna into her vet, which also happens to be one of our partner vets, and they referred her to us for assistance with the medical. More x-rays were taken and the doctor saw Luna again on May 10 and yesterday, June 2. The doctor is hopeful that Luna may be able to keep her leg as the leg appears to be healing on its own. She has a follow up appointment in two weeks. Paws crossed she has a clean bill of health. We will help Luna with any needed vaccines and spay. Joyce will keep us updated. – diana
“Happiness is a warm puppy” – Charles M. Schulzluna w:joyce gray luna 5:5:21
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