Charlie – RIP – Victim of a Hit and Run

6/28/21 – RIP Charlie – And a sad post from this past week. Charlie was one of 6 kittens who we helped by paying for their TNR. Their rescuer Tina W. does a great deal of TNR in the city of Warren and contacts us when she needs medical assistance. Last Thursday, Charlie was run over by a speeding car in front of Tina’s neighbor’s house. Tina thinks that Charlie was crossing the street to get his daily meal. Unfortunately, Charlie is one of 3 cats who have been hit by cars this past week. The cats may have been feral, abandoned, or escapees but it’s never easy to see a dead animal on the side of the street. The speed at which so many drivers go down these side streets or even main roads is frightening, careless, and thoughtless. – diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080
“The memories and paw print of a beloved cat remains in our heart and soul forever.” – Unknown
May be an image of cat
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