Milo – Hitched a Ride in a Truck on a Construction Site

6/28/21 – More craziness on a Monday and why your donations are so important. Please keep in mind that we are one of the few organizations where 100% of your donations go directly to medical assistance for the stray/abandoned/abused animal.
This is Milo. Last week, I got this e-mail from Holly:
“I work for a construction company and a baby kitten hitched a ride from one of our job sites back to the yard. He is about 4-6 weeks his name his Milo, he is currently very, very sick. His eyes are swollen really bad and crusted shut, he is continuously sneezing, you can tell it’s very hard for him to breathe. When he was found his eyes has a crusted layer of dirt over them. I have been bottle feeding him that’s the only way he will eat. I got him eye solution and some medicine for his nose but I’m sure that’s not gonna see him all the way through to feeling better. – Holly”
We were able to get him into one of our partner vets almost immediately and Milo was given medication for an upper respiratory infection. Holly checked in today and reported that Milo has a little of his sense of smell back and did eat a little for the first time. It’s important to know that cats very much rely on their sense of smell for eating. That is another reason why it’s so important to address an upper respiratory infection asap. He is in good hands but Holly doesn’t think his eye is going to make it because it is bulging a little out of the socket. Milo will have a follow-up with our go-to doctor for eye issues/surgeries. Prayers for this very sweet baby. Here are photos of him when discovered and at the vet. – Diana
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