Bambi & the Mobsters – Bambi, pregnant when rescued, has 9 babies

7/19/21- WARNING – If you are or ever have been a ‘mobster’, please don’t take offense at this post. (haha)Meet the Mobsters. Bambi (mama) was rescued from an area inundated with dumped/stray animals. Unfortunately, the area is near a mobile home park where our experience has been the same no matter where that park is. The area is also on a very busy main street which poses quite a danger to stray animals. Bambi was pregnant at the time. Our dear friend, Debbie, rescued Bambi and our other dear friend, Deena, took her in to have her babies. And, boy, did she have them — NINE babies. Here is Bambi, and her babies Fat Tony, Guido, Capone, Bugsy, Clyde, Dilinger, Bonnie, Doll Face, and Baby Face Nelson. Everyone will be getting their make overs tomorrow and will be ready to find their furever homes. These photos are when they were a little younger but they will be with our very good friends and Ferndale Cat Sheter at Catfe in case you are interested. A huge thank you to the rescuers, vets and staffs, the fosters, and especially our donors who have made this possible in a year where most non-profits have been struggling. God Bless Everyone. – diana

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