5/19/22 – We are thankful that we can share in Waffles’ journey along with some very amazing people at Orion Animal Hospital. Just in case you didn’t know, here is Waffles’ back story. I will keep you informed as her journey continues. – diana.


“Knowing there was something medically wrong with Waffles, and with hopes for a chance at life, she was surrendered by a breeder. Waffles is currently fostered by one of the most loving employees at Orion Animal Hospital.

Little Waffles has a difficult-time swallowing food. And by difficult-time, I mean she has turned blue & has choked to the point of concern. This, along with some of her other symptoms, led her medical team to suspect she may have Megaesophagus. Mega-E means that her esophagus muscles fail & cannot properly propel food or water into the stomach. Waffles was put under anesthesia as a treatment option, and a feeding tube was surgically placed. This little tube is where she has been receiving her nutrients & medications because, at this time, she still is unable to swallow.

Waffle’s doesn’t understand that she can’t have things orally, and because of this, her foster family must take extra precautions when food is out. This adorable little cutie has been known to try, and “hungry-hungry-hippo” grab something right out of your hand! This five-month-old pup has spunk, and a taste for life! (pun intended)

Waffles recently went to a specialist and was diagnosed with a very rare condition: suspected cricopharyngeal dysphagia with bilateral myectomy. To sum this up, the muscle in her esophagus will not open enough for her to swallow, which is worse than we imagined.

The next step is confirmation of this diagnosis, so an appointment has been scheduled at Michigan State University. It is here that Waffle’s will have her diagnosis confirmed, and then our little sunshine will be scheduled for surgery.

When this surgery is completed, her prognosis is excellent!! She will get to live a happy & loved-filled life”

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