6/23/23 – Much more new cases than I usually will post but there are updates also. First Annabelle. Unfortunately, because of the situation, the rescuers working on this home where deceased people were found and many animals were loose for days, the dogs were placed in separate areas while police took care of their appropriate procedures. Annabelle was placed in a fenced in area until she could be seen the following day at All About Animals Rescue (AAAR) (see my previous post). But, a dog successfully climbed the fence and attacked Annabelle. The appointment at AAAR which was used for another dog (story later) because AAAR could not take care of the severe wounds incurred by poor, sweet Annabelle. At West Flint Animal Hospital Annabelle was found to have a broken ulna, several wounds, and appears to have tested positive for heart worm (still checking with the rescuer). At this time, I’m trying to get a handle on the needs of Annabelle and the other dog named Dog who was taken into AAAR and found to be heart worm positive. To say the least, this is a very sad and confused story. I will continue to update but for now here is Annabelle after her attack and Dog. We will do what we can afford to help!

And, I know I’ve said this a million times, but only your donations can make a difference in the lives of these abused and ‘left behind’ animals. – diana

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6/23/23 – He was found at a Walmart in Clio, MI, crying and crying, very thin and dirty, wandering around the building. His rescuer, Bridget, couldn’t help but pick him up and take him home with her. She thought he had been in a home but dumped when he started maturing. Bridget tried to find rescues who could take him in but without success. She contacted us in desperation because her son is allergic and Max was crying and marking all over. Although Bridget’s mom could take in the cat, she couldn’t keep him under those conditions. We offered to cover medical. That was done and now sweet Max is with Bridget’s mom and we are praying he will have his furever home. One thing for sure, he will not be involved in making any babies. – diana

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