6/26/23 – (See June 5 post) as reporter by his rescuer and foster dad:

” 6/17/23 – Interesting visit at Patterson today. The doctor thinks Little Jimmy may be female, but of course it’s too early to know for sure. He tested negative for feline leukemia. They gave me an ointment for the eyes vs the eye drops the other vet gave me. The vet said give the eye ointment until it runs out and check back in 4 weeks unless something comes up sooner. The bad is the vet said feline herpes conjunctivitis, pretty much blind in both eyes, hopefully the redness will just scar over and not get worse.

Little Jimmy does an amazing job seeing around the eye issues when I watch him playing, etc. The doctor said there is a possiblity of eye removal, bulging and popping eyes, but she seemed hopeful that in little Jimmy’s case the eyes would stabilize and the red in the eyes would scar over and he would be blind in both eyes. But even though she said he is blind in both eyes, he seems to see pretty good. Considering the infection, he does great with finding his litter box, food bowls, his bed, climbing and playing with his toys. A very affectionate little fellow. I think I can continue to foster him/her, at least for now. Regards, Paul.”

Little Jimmy will have a follow up appointment with our great doctor at Patterson Veterinary Hospital and I’ll update everyone. Little Jimmy will be looking for a furever home so please share and follow his progress. Please continue your prayers. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


6/26/23 – The heartbreaking cases come in faster than I am able to post them. Here is a case I just received and both will be seen by a vet tomorrow morning. Here is their story:

“The Kitty Catfe posted an urgent situation advising there were 2 cats in a crate that had been left outside for weeks. It said the cat’s owner went to prison. Kitty Catfe was full and unable to take them in. They were begging for someone to help. I agreed to foster them for 2 weeks until the Kitty Catfe could take them in. A woman picked them up in Clinton Township and took them to her house and gave them a bath (outside).

The cats, Buster and Garfield were outside and crated – covered in their own urine and feces. The orange cat, Garfield, had clumps of litter and feces in his severely matted fur. There was a bowl of dirty water that looked milky white and smelled horrific.

Garfield vomited what looked like poop and was sneezing. The clumps had to be literally cut out of his fur.

I picked them up after their bath and they still smelled. They aren’t eating that great BUT they are so friendly and loving. It does not look like they ever played with toys or maybe they just aren’t up to it yet. They have been through so much. It has been so hot out and they were outside with basically no shelter – in the rain, etc.

They were in bad shape but their life is forever changed. Thank you so much for helping out as these cats are so deserving. You would absolutely fall in love with them. – Vickie”

We pray that both test negative for FIV and FeLV and that both will find furever loving homes. Garfield will have to be sedated to be shaved and 4 Paws 1 Heart will again cover whatever is needed medically. I can’t imagine what their past few weeks have been like in that crate in the hot sun and then the severe rains. – diana

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