6/25/23 – And, to end this weekend’s posts — I want to recognize our Snickers who recently passed away. Many of our long-time supporters will remember Snickers and how he was rescued by a young boy who found him as a little kitten in a frozen puddle in an. alley in Hamtramck, MI. Several animal advocates came together that night to rescue him and Snickers eventually found his furever home with our amazing Board member, Dee, and her husband, Rick. Snickers lived a good life with many siblings and I often had the chance to meet him over the years. He loved to lay on your shoulders. And I remember when, early on, after being seen at the eye doctor and getting to our house, he crawled up on my shoulders with that huge collar on. Snickers was loved by everyone who met him. Unfortunately, though, his medical condition eventually ended in him dying too soon. But we all find peace in knowing that over the years and even with his many medical visits he lived like the king of his castle and we will be forever grateful that he was a part of all of our lives. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Thank you for posting this… he was our boy…we loved him and still do so much. I just couldn’t get through typing anything….or in this case reading anything. – Dee


6/25/23 – This past weekend has not been a happy one. Two amazing cats have crossed the rainbow bridge — one sweet baby who I personally had the pleasure of knowing from the beginning and the other, a cat I never met but who was rescued when she found him in need of help.

This is Shaggy. He showed up in the alley outside the rescuer’s place on Thursday and his rescuers said that he truly looked near death. They gave him food and water and he ate and drank; the next morning he was in the same spot. His fur was very matted – inches thick in some areas – and hard as rocks.The finder said that she couldn’t feel his body at all because it was so bad. He allowed her to pick him up and bring him inside. He walked a little but was very unsteady. But with all of that, he did seem to be a fighter and he perked up significantly once he ate and drank and had some attention. But, he still needed to be seen asap and we were contacted.

Shaggy was taken in on the next day and the clinic asked that he be kept over night On the next day (Friday), the clinic called to inform me that Shaggy had been put under for the shaving and he was found covered with maggots which actually burrowed into his body. The maggots were removed and medication was given to this poor cat and the doctor asked that he be kept through the weekend — they had hoped to ‘fatten’ him up before being sent home. Later, I was called and informed that Shaggy did not make it through the night.

Even though I rarely meet the animals we help, a piece of your heart always breaks away thinking about the suffering they went through. Thank God for his rescuer, Melanie, who tried to save this innocent animal. I know that she is heartbroken but we are all thankful that Shaggy did not die on the street left to suffer and continue as prey. RIP Shaggy. You were loved. – diana

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6/24/23 – Annabelle Update (post 6/23/23) per rescuer:

“Both Annabelle and Dog were found positive for heart worm. Until the infection and swelling reduces nothing can be done for the heart worm. There is no fever but there is a double fracture in her mouth on each side of canine. That also has to wait as well as casting in that the swelling and infection in her leg needs to be under control. She will bear some weight on a foot which was in question because the radius bone isn’t broken. But, again, the small ulna is broken. She’s eating soaked food with broth and is the sweetest girl. The doctors at West Flint Animal Hospital all came out for her. Bless these poor little souls. Im so thankful for what you do. It comes from my heart – Theresa”

And, our update — We have committed to treating both Annabelle (when ready) and Dog for their heart worm. And, we all want to get Dog started asap as he has adult heart worms. We have not committed to everything needed for Annablle in that her care will possibly be quite extensive if surgeries will be required. We will be able to help with some future follow up appointments for the infections. This will all be a work in progress for the rescue team and the Village! Please continue your prayers for all of these animals and thank you in advance for your donations! – diana

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